The highest power solid state amplifiers packaged in the smallest and lightest packages and satellite modems that with embedded diagnostic tools that allow "in system" tests to be performed remotely. The products consist of Satellite Modem, Indoor & Outdoor Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA), Block Up Converter (BUC), LNA, satellite bandwidth extender

HUAXIN Antenna Products
Wide range of commercial and military antenna systems. The Size is from 0.6m to 16m. Rx/Tx VSAT antennas for communication, and Microwave antennas.

Advantech AMT Products
Wide range of transmission and network technology for satellite. Solid State Power Amplifier, Block-up Converter, Converter and Transceiver, advanced VSAT Terminals.

Variety of satellite communication equipment, for flyaway, truck or fixed earth station applications. Included in the standard product range are Block & Synthesised Frequency Converters (covering all primary frequency bands), Beacon Receivers, Automatic Up Link Power Controllers, Line Amplifiers, Splitters/ Combiners, Test Loop Translators, LNB DC & 10MHz Reference drivers, 10MHz Reference Generators & Redundant Switch Systems. To meet customer specific requirements Peak Communications also offers a high quality, responsive custom design and manufacturing capability.

Transmode Products
Optical networking solution for telecommunication, mobile, cable operator, based on Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology with complete network management suite. Provide more bandwidth at lower cost per bit and enable new Ethernet based services.

Futurex products
Data security solution for electronic payment and financial transaction.

The systems includes :

  • Broad range of authorization and encryption services for banking and retail transactions. This includes ATM PIN authorization, credit and debit payment authorization, PIN and offset generation, message authenticate code (MAC) processing and more.
  • Key Management for ATMs and POS devices, including remote key updates as well as support for secure printing of key component mailers.
  • Professional Services for compliance and security assessments, system integration, testing, hardware maintenance and software support.

C-COM Satellite Systems, Inc. products

C-COM Satellite Systems, Inc. is a leader in the development and deployment of mobile satellite-based technology for the delivery of two-way high-speed Internet services into vehicles and mobile structures.

The C-COM developed proprietary auto-deploy iNetVuŽ Antenna Systems deliver satellite broadband Internet services into mobile environments, while stationary; virtually anywhere one can drive. The iNetVuŽ Mobile antennas can also be deployed from transportable platforms.

The iNetVuŽ systems are powered by standard 12 Volt DC car battery or from the local electrical grid. The antenna system can be activated with the simple push of a button or with click of the mouse. Once activated, it deploys automatically in a few minutes, locks on to the selected satellite and delivers broadband Internet access, VoIP and Video services anywhere in the world.

The iNetVuŽ mobile units, which come in eight different sizes and interface with a large number of readily available satellite modems mount easily on top of vehicles or inside transportable platforms.

The iNetVuŽ provides 2-way high-speed connectivity to a wide variety of users including the Military, Police, Fire, Homeland Security, Disaster Management, Oil & Gas Exploration, Mobile Medical Services, Emergency Services, News Gathering, Mining, Construction, Bookmobiles, Mobile Offices, Recreation Vehicles and many more.

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